I had a unique opportunity to share my story with the world  when I was asked to be a guest on Oprah Winfrey's Life class with Iyanla Vanzant.  The segment focused on "Overcoming Guilt", and I was chosen to share my two-year struggle with alcohol, my resulting crumbling marriage, and ultimately, my crippling guilt after a drunk driving accident that left my 5 year old daughter in critical condition. 

The segment aired on July 29, 2012 and can be viewed on line at Oprah.com

  Instead of focusing on shame and guilt, I chose to focus  my energy on writing a book, From This Day Forward, A Love Story of  Faith, Hope and Forgiveness with  my husband, Matt. Together we share how we have weathered the storm of addiction and rebuilt our family and marriage one day at a time.

I am a contributing  freelance writer to In Recovery Magazine and post my personal thoughts here with you all.

I make my recovery, family and spirituality a priority and encourage others to do the same.  I share my journey in hope that it will inspire others to make the change that is necessary to living the life they always wanted to live.

AND.....because of this shift I have experienced, I have decided to write Hope Dealer.

  Hope Dealer is more than a collection of stories; it is a compilation of truths, self-will and optimism.  Hope Dealer delivers the notion of possibilities at its purest form richly told by recovering addicts for the reader to experience and consider. The stories of Hope Dealer empower every addict to take the first step out of the shadows of addiction.


  " Give Yourself Permission to Be OK" ~ Iyanla Vanzant


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My Guest Blog Share 6/17/13


Dawn Show with Dawn Stensland-Mendte

 June 18, 2013

Seg #1  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06OPEW33eY0&list=PL8u4e2y0HlCuIIDVGRuH-Z5aqJaW_e8dS



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"There is something in everybody that longs for that awakening to be more true to yourself" Eckhart Tolle

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